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Hythe Fabrication Services (HFS) offer customised metal fabrication solutions for any shape of metal.

Our flexible approach to projects means we can absorb reactive work with a promise of quality finishes and workmanship.

HFS has evolved through the accumulation of decades of industry experience and the multifaceted skill of our workforce within the wider Hythe Group of Companies.

The concept for the company started with our Head of Operations, Scott Fitzgerald, who retains over twenty years of experience within the metal fabrication field. Due to the successes and reputation built within the fabrication team of Hythe Marine Services (who work largely within the defence sector where standards are extremely high) the decision was made to branch out and form a company solely around premium metal fabrication work.

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“We see many issues on-site, with late or incorrect deliveries, empty promises, repeated errors and poor quality finishes. The end clients or users need the reliability and quality and the ability to absorb reactive work at the same standards. This is the direction HFS will focus on in its infant years, building upon this reputation. During this time, the Hythe Group managing company will help develop the processes, education and teams to a level where the HFS management team are planning and building the company's future.”

Josh Mathias | Managing Director | Hythe Group

Hythe Fabrication Services - a New Addition to Hythe Group of Companies

In their most recent move, Hythe Group’s Managing Director Josh Mathias has established a new company: Hythe Fabrication Services (HFS). Utilising decades of industry experience and the multifaceted skill of the workforce within Hythe Group Companies, HFS will expand the Group’s clientele and capabilities.

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